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11th - 18th February 2015

Team size: 4 SEBD students plus 2 ARC SEBD trained volunteers

Projects completed: Gambia Arts Project 2015

Almost time to go...

Well, it's almost time to go!  The final three-day countdown is on to Gambia Arts 2015.  This is a new adventure for Affecting Real...
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14th to 21st December 2013

Team size: 16 High school students, 1 Junior Leader and two ARC staff

Projects completed:

Digging and setting the foundations of a new toliet block

Digging a 27 cubic metre cesspit

Making 800 bricks


14th to 21st December 2013

Team size: 10 High school students, 1 Junior Leader and two ARC staff

Projects completed:

Re-decoration of the Children's ward at Edward Francis small teaching hospital

Delivery and unpacking of a shipping container of value £150,000 in medical equipment


14th - 21st December 2012 - Bakau

Team size: Team of 17 students plus 2 staff and an ARC leader
Projects completed at Bakau Lower Basic School:

  • School market completed
  • 6 Grade One classrooms re-furbished along with educational 'phonics' murals
  • 28 school desks repaired (enough for 56 children)

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