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At ARC we thoroughly enjoy talking about what we do and the benefits for all involved.

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ARC takes volunteer groups out to schools or orphanages in developing world countries which are in need of construction work.

There are several key ingredients to one of our projects;

- working closely with the local communities,
- meeting the needs of the local communities,
- the hard work of our volunteers,
- and ensuring sustainability in everything that we do.


The best way to tell you what we do is by telling you what we’ve done – from market gardens and chicken farming, installation of water and sanitation facilities to an internet cafe, library and regeneration of school buildings.

This list is not exhaustive as we are always seeking out new ways to aid communities and to meet the challenges faced by people around the world.


Many of our projects provide a stable income, which can then be plugged back into the school or orphanage to cover bills (water or electricity), salaries or small projects of their own.

Education is an important factor in these trips and volunteers themselves gain an invaluable insight into the widely different lifestyle that is the norm in developing countries. Volunteers work alongside local teachers, craftsmen, parents and older students to complete projects and have the chance to visit houses in the local area.


ARC also facilitates child sponsorship in our schools and orphanges. It costs just £90 a year to sponsor a child through school in The Gambia (includes their school fees, uniform, shoes, books, stationary and lunch everyday) or £120 to sponsor a child in one of our orphanages in India (includes their accomodation, three meals a day, school fees, uniform, 'home' clothes, school bag, books and stationary).


Alternatively you can sponsor one of our community projects. For £50 we can construct a toliet servicing several families reducing ilness and spread of disease; for £200 we can provide a bore well ensuring clean drinking water for a small rural community; for £4,500 we can run an orphanage for 50 children for a year.


To make your donation as a one-off or monthly commitment please visit our JustGiving page.